How to Use Massage Chair for Better Results

A massage chair is an excellent investment to make if you are fond of massages and regularly visit a massage therapist for the same. For most people, it can be quite inconvenient to drive all the way to a spa and then pay the heavy bills for a good massage. Instead, why not invest in a quality massage chair which when used intelligently can produce the same or even greater benefits than what a massage therapist could bring you. A good massage chair is especially helpful for people who are suffering from muscle spasms, acute back pains, neck pains, injuries or more. It does not only heal your body physically but mentally as well. People facing stress or depression of some sort also benefit from the machine in magnitudes. A massage chair can be an excellent alternative t a massage therapist provided you know how to use if properly and make use of all the useful features provided by the chair in the best possible manner. Here are some tips on using your massage chair:

Choose the best massage chair:

All the massage chairs available in the market are not identical. Some are definitely better than others with respect to the functionality and features that they offer. In order to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing massaging experience you need to do proper research and select the best possible massage chair which offers with a useful set of controls and a good warranty.

Wear thin clothes:

You won’t be able to fully enjoy the massage while wearing thick layers of clothes such as jackets or sweaters. It’s better to choose thin, comfortable clothing while sitting in the chair to reap maximum benefits of the massage. The most important thing is to wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing to enjoy the massage.

Sit comfortably:

Before you start the massage, it is important to make yourself comfortable and sit properly in the chair. Make sure that you sit in a way that you make maximum contact with the chair especially your neck and your back. If your neck and back are making maximum contact with the chair you can rest assured that you are taking maximum advantage of the chair.

Start with lowest intensity setting:

If this is the first time you are getting a massage, you should not directly jump to the highest intensity right from the start. The highest intensity is ideal for people who are accustomed to getting massaged but might be too overwhelming for the first timers.

Use automatic settings first:

The first few times you sit in your massage chair, it’s best to use the preset options that are provided by the chair. These preset options use an intelligent combination of different massage techniques with suitable timings to provide the most relaxing massage. Different options allow focus on solving different issues. Some are best to relieve back pain while some are great for relieving stress and tension.


Follow all of these tips to make the most out of your massage chair and enjoy a comfortable experience.

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